Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in French and Francophone Studies at UC Davis provides graduate students with a strong base of historical coverage, spanning from the Middle Ages to the present. The department also offers a strong emphasis on past and recent developments in literary and critical theory that influence French scholarship. Faculty interests such as linguistics, comparative literature, critical theory, film studies, and women's studies ensure that students are exposed to interdisciplinary approaches and are invited to integrate these perspectives into their program.

Students may work not only with faculty in the Department of French and Italian but also with faculty in related fields of interest. Students may pursue a Designated Emphasis (Graduate Minor) in the following:

The doctoral program is distinguished by individualized study and intensive collaboration between faculty and students. The department prides itself on its strong tradition of mentorship that encourages students to develop a truly unique course of research. In addition, the department provides its graduate students with numerous academic and teaching opportunities. Each year the department sponsors a graduate student exchange with one of the French universities affiliated with the University of California's Education Abroad Program.

For more information about the graduate program, please view the brochure or browse the French Graduate Studies menu under the Graduate Program tab.

How to Apply

For information on how to apply, please visit this page.