Sofia Lacin

I double-majored in Art Studio and Italian. I felt that the two complemented each other very nicely. Each required a different area of my brain to engage while informing one another, and supporting one another, in valuable ways. I have always noticed that the best artists draw their inspiration from many sources outside of their field.

I spent my junior year studying Italian and art in Florence, Italy. It was in that land that I developed my dedication and steadfast love for both art and Italian language. The musical quality of Italian, the rich art-history pouring out of Florence, the modern lively environment and characters who deeply appreciated art and design, living with the very best examples of art and design, created the perfect incubator. It guided me to become the professional artist that I am today.

I loved reading the poetry in Italian Literature. I remember one poet, a young courtesan in Venice, who was clever and very educated. Her words had a tension between beauty and sadness that were very inspiring. I always try to capture tension in my paintings to make them beautiful, and I was interested by that overlap and similarity in our art forms, even with the separation of so much time.