Dianne Kim

After graduating in 2013 I worked for the San Mateo County Health System for a year and a half before I left to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon in September 2015. I'll be in Cameroon until October 2017 and am planning to go to nursing school after my service is completed. Studying abroad in Florence led me to add the Italian major. I had such a great time abroad and when I came back I wanted to keep the experience with me so I continued taking courses in Italian. Eventually my advisor pointed out that I might as well add it as a major because I had already finished most of the coursework for it. Overall I loved my UC Davis experience. I wasn't expecting to go to a large public university but I found such a great community in Davis. Take advantage of everything the department has to offer. The small class sizes were a nice break from the overwhelming lecture halls. I really enjoyed getting to know my Italian professors and classmates in and out of the classroom.