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Alumni: Student Success Stories and Career Paths

The Italian Major provides solid foundations for a variety of career paths by offering training in the Italian language, literature, cinema, and humanistic culture by and large.  According to a recent departmental survey, our alumni include physicians (emergency medicine, geriatrics, dermatology), a defense attorney, a humanities college professor, a high-school teacher, a fashion designer, an independent food business owner, a diplomatic service employee, a professional artist, and more.

Arianna Guadagnoli, BA: Italian and BS in NPB, Class of 2022

Mary Quilici, BA: Italian and BS in Biological Sciences, Class of 2021

Lauren Watson, BA: Italian and BS in Ecology and Biodiversity, Class of 2021

Aida Morgan-Russell, BA: Italian and Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Class of 2021

Gabriela Gomes, BA: Italian and Economics, Class of 2020

Caroline Kreins, BA: Italian and English, Class of 2020

Ashley Lord, BA: Italian and English, Class of 2020

Isabella Schrammel, BA: Italian and BS in NPB, Class of 2020

Kassandra Campos, BA: Italian and BS in Cognitive Science, Class of 2019

Pia Wright, BA: Italian, Class of 2017

Mia Adorante, BA: Design and Italian - Writer and Creative Consultant in New York

Dr. Claudia Capurro, MD; BA: Environmental Toxicology; MD, Rosalind Franklin University, Northern Chicago - Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Physician in Tucson, AZ

Claire Chuter, BA: Italian - Head of Reading Buddies in Davis

Taylor Cunningham, BA: Italian and International Relations - Software company employee in San Francisco

Vanessa Guardini, BA: Italian and Biological Sciences - Quality Controller at Bio Pharmaceutical in the SF Bay Area

Diane Kim, BA: Italian and International Relations - Peace Corps Volunteer, Nursing Student

Sofia Lacin, BA: Art Studio and Italian - Professional Artist in Northern California

Andrea Lepore, BA: Rhetoric and Communications - Owner of restaurant Hot Italian in Northern California

Eric Ortner, JD; BA: Linguistics and Italian; JD, Santa Clara University - Attorney at Law in San Francisco

Dr. Laura Ruberto, BA: English, Italian and Psychology; PhD, UC San Diego - College Professor in Berkeley, CA

Ana Vasquez, BA: Italian and Psychology - Intern with the Institute for the Advancement in Psychotherapy